Hollywood slots

Hollywood Based Slot Machines

Hollywood has always been the place everyone dreams about. We watch Hollywood movies, follow Hollywood stars and dream that one day we’ll walk down these streets and leave our star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And while it’s just a dream, there’s a way to bring that exciting Hollywood atmosphere and celebrity wealth closer. […]

Slot Machines

Variations of Slot Machines

More than 100 different variants of slot machines work the same way today as the first slots. In general, you can divide the slots into two categories – video and classic slots. Classic slot machines variations Classic slot machines like the Novoline games online have three spinning reels and classic symbols like cherries, bells or […]

Online Slot Games

The Advantages of Online Slot Games

Slot games are so much fun, whether you play them in a land-based casino or online. However, there are many advantages of online casino games. Above all, it is much more convenient for beginners and there are more games to choose from. Not to mention all the rewards and bonuses you get. Some of the […]

Microgaming Golden Goose Slot

Microgaming Golden Goose Slot Review

Microgaming offers four online slot games with the subtitle name “Golden Goose”. These four online casino games have an identical integrated bonus game, all about a goose and golden eggs. Microgaming has taken four of their most popular slots and modified the paylines a bit and integrated them into the bonus game. The four video […]