All About Online Casino Loyalty Programs

There are several ways that online casinos use to attract players and, of course, keep them as customers. The most common way to do that is to provide a bonus. Another method is to offer enormous prizes and profits at promotional events. There is, however, a method in which the players benefit the most – they are rewarded for their loyalty to the online casino. These are transparent mechanisms and, above all, offer the advantage that these loyalty programs are offered automatically and continuously to the registered players. Players are advised to choose an online casino with a good loyalty program.

Casino loyalty programs

What are “Comp Points”?

Anyone who has already opened an online casino account will surely have been confronted with the so-called Comp points, as the online casinos these so gladly to praise, a virtual currency for VIP clubs. As with all other concessions, no matter what type, Comp Points are awarded to loyal players. They are also be classified as loyalty points.

Each online casino has its own rules and also conceptions concerning the allocation of Comp points and their possible redemption in money or material prices. Normally, a simple formula is used where one can earn or collect one or more Comp points for a given amount X. In most cases, you will get a Comp point for every $10 in good and legitimate online casinos. Sometimes you get more than one point for a certain amount of money for special promotions.

But what does this mean for the player when he starts collecting Comp points? Again, of course, it depends on the online casino concerned. The structures of the various bonus and Comp points programs can have small differences. In general, however, such programs are graduated, but also speak of different levels of loyalty. The higher one climbs these steps, the higher and better the corresponding advantages.

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Earn more comp points on promotions

Many online casinos arrange promotions at regular intervals to give their players the opportunity to earn more Comp points. For example, when playing certain game machines, the double number of Comp points can be secured. These promotions are very often held in popular online casinos. Other casinos offer sometimes even the option to earn twice the number of Comp points. This also depends on the provider. In general, these options are offered for progressive jackpot slots, but also keno and poker variants.

Online Casino VIP Programs & Casino Rewards

To ensure that the increased benefits are offered in a transparent way, the online casinos have different VIP levels. They set the level of the required stake to reach the various VIP levels as well as the associated benefits. The software is programmed to determine the VIP level of a player and equip him with the mentioned advantages. If the online casino does not automatically register new players as members of a loyalty or VIP club, you can do it by yourself at any time. On every online casino site, you will find a VIP club section which explains the various loyalty levels as well as the terms of membership. Loyalty or Comp points are excellent for redeeming bonuses and thus also to build and maintain a solid bankroll and game budget.
Jackpot City Casino
Multi-level VIP programs are offered at the top online casinos, such as Jackpot City Casino, the higher you climb, even better perks and conditions you get. With such programs, you usually get a personal VIP account manager, if you have reached the final level, which will give you the current offers and also take care of the concerns of your plays. Platinum or Diamond Benefits VIP programs are particularly reflected in higher limits, quicker payouts, and high-roll bonuses. The programs are all free and you are really rewarded for your visits and games at the online casino.