Important Blackjack Tips That New Players Need to Learn

If you are going to play in online casino, it is always useful to remember one thing: basically, casino always has an advantage over the players. One way to significantly reduce this benefit in blackjack is by using strategy. There are all kinds of strategies available for blackjack, from simple to very extensive and difficult systems. I recommend reading this article about a blackjack strategy and possibly using the strategy explained.

  • Do not take any insurance

It is not wise to take an insurance in the blackjack game. Closing a blackjack insurance means that the player can place an extra bet (insurance) if the bank/dealer has the first card and has the chance to get blackjack. It’s the statistical basis, but assume that it is not beneficial to close such insurance.

  • Never split two tens

The split of two tens is not really a good idea. They provide a score of no less than 20. The only better hand you can get is 21. The chance that you will get 21 isn’t very big. It’s hard for the dealer to beat you if you have two tens. It is, therefore, advisable to fit.

  • Always split two aces

If you have two aces in your hand, splitting is the best option. Statistically, it gives you the most chance of winning.

  • Never change to 11 or lower

Passing with a score of 11 or lower is actually quite awkward. At this point, you can never go “dead” as it’s called. You can not get out of 21 points. Passes would, therefore, be sinful.

  • Try not to win losses

This tip applies not only to blackjack but to virtually every casino game. It’s a human reaction try to win back losses. Often, after a lost round, extra effort is made to make it right. Do not do this. Casino games continue to play gambling and losses. Trying to recover losses often makes the situation worse!

  • Pay attention to the minimum set-up of the table

If you are going to play blackjack, it’s important that you set a table with a minimum bet that fits your budget. If you want to play with $100, you can not play a table with a minimum of $25.

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  • Provide excellent knowledge of the rules of the game

This tip seems obvious to me, but as a matter of fact, many players forget about learning them. Which by the way lead to unpredictable losses.

  • Practice, practice and practice again

I highly recommend all newbies to play for free before betting real money in blackjack. In selected casinos it is possible first to create a free account and then play the games with fake money. You can then easily apply the basic strategy as mentioned in tip 1 to the blackjack game. This way you know exactly what to do and when you need to do that!

  • Choose a good casino with a nice welcome bonus

Online casinos often offer new players a nice welcome bonus or first deposit bonus. Therefore, find a good casino where you can play blackjack and get a high bonus. Check out the online casino bonus overview to choose a good casino. Note: There are conditions to be met before you can pay the bonus to your bank account.
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  • Play short sessions

My experience is that you can not play blackjack for a long while. You often lose the concentration if you play a game long and intensively. For example, stop after half an hour and resume at a different time.

  • Do not play with money you can not waste

Again, a general tip for blackjack, but certainly no unimportant advice: NEVER play with money you can not waste. So play single casino games for real money if it’s not a disaster if you lose that money. Do not borrow money to play.

  • Also, try variants of the classic blackjack game

To increase your gaming pleasure and make sure that blackjack is boring, it might be a good idea to occasionally play a variation on the classic blackjack game. You will see that the classic game afterwards is a lot fresher and more fun!